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Hailing from the mountainous and often cold country of Lesotho and also from South Africa, the hardy and friendly Basuto ponies and their riders have a fascinating past and interesting present,  Read about them in the January IMAGINEMAG!


 Carnivorous plants figure in a surprising number and variety of monster movies!!  From DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS to VOODOO ISLAND, these weird examples of nature gone gonzo are written about in the Winter-Spring MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE, shipping now!


December is monster movie magazine month!  SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE # 107 is the insidious insect issue and in this issue a large prehistoric dragonfly menaces a college campus (along with a murderous anthropoid and saber toothed dog) and an irradiated coelacanth is to blame. 

How, you ask?  Read "There's Something Fishy About Professor Blake, Monster on the Campus Revisited" in the new SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE!





Bruce Gordon, a native of Johannesburg, became a director of the first ever science fiction feature film (From the Earth to the Moon) and played a variety of roles from cowboy (that's him on the right in the photo) to a crewman on the ill fated Mary Celeste but is not well known today.  I try to rectify this in my latest article for the December IMAGINEMAG!



The photo gallery for the CLASSIC IMAGES article on actor Richard Haydn was run in the December 2017 issue (number 510)!



The November CLASSIC IMAGES carries my article on the adventurous life of a man who spent much of his acting career portraying meek or snobbish bespectacled milquetoasts:  Richard Haydn!






Who would expect to find a coral reef inside a cave?  If it is a fossil reef, yes!  And this particular cave I write about is the only one known to have a coral reel.  Read about it in the July/August GEOLOGY TODAY!


I'm not a foodie but I can cook, and I was honored to have a few recipes included in SIT STAY EAT, a cookbook to help support the fine work of the Friends of the Norfolk Animal Care Center.  Scrumptious meal ideas from celebrity chefs and others, including fellow environmental scientists Katy Damico, Kathy Perdue, Pam Painter and Scharlene Floyd are included  Get your copy!




254 published credits took me a long time to amass... if you support magazines and online publishers maybe I can soon reach 300! 


The great folks who organize Monster Bash awarded me a "Forry" during their Awards Ceremony July 9, 2016. It is awarded to those who have made contributions to classic horror film fandom and journalism.  Behind his back he holds a copy of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE!








 My 2015 Rondo Honorable Mention for an article about Forrest J Ackerman In CLASSIC IMAGES was my second:  "Forry: the Life of Forrest J Ackerman" received Honorable Mention in the Rondo Awards for "Best Book" in the year 2010!




November's Trivia Contest Answer is Four Against the Desert from 1977.The Doctor was John Pertwee.


Who (yes, I meant Doctor Who) was an explorer in an Ivan Tors produced made for TV movie set in the desert of Kenya?  Name the former Doctor who was in this film. 

More contests to come!

Key points for Official Rules:

  • No age limit.  US Residents only.
  • Enter via Facebook or join my web site and post the correct answer.
  • Prize is a gift card to a national restaurant.
  • Not responsible for technical failures or typographical errors; identity disputes related to the winner
  • Entries must be received by December 1, 2017
  • Mailing address needed if notified that prize won
  • Author held harmless in the event that the prize or contest in some way negatively impacts the winner;



Forry: The Life of Forrest J Ackerman can be bought at


 The Thunder Child likes the book; see the below at his blog!

The good folks at FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND posted a very positive review on their web site, linked below,

The San Francisco Chronicle mentioned the Forry biography in a story about the Grace Cathedral's New Years Eve screening of The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s-eve-at-grace-cathedral/ 2009 this book was nominated for the 12th Annual Literary Award sponsored by the Library of Virginia.